COVID-19 Updates

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Well Child Check

As pediatricians, we know the importance of preventative medicine. We recommend regular checkups with your child’s pediatrician. Below are the recommended wellness check ups along with the immunization schedule and vaccine information sheets. At these visits, your child’s pediatrician will address their growth, development, diet, activity/exercise and other age specific guidance.

A side profile picture of a young girl, about 8 or 9 years old, biting into a green apple with mehndi on the hand grasping the apple. She is staring out of a window, with two or three sunflowers on the window sill in front of her with sunshine peering through the bottom corner of the top panel of the horizontally divided window.

Vaccine Schedule

Influenza: starting at 6 months of age, recommended yearly.

All vaccines are given based on the recommended age ranges per CDC guidelines and may vary within those recommended age ranges per physician discretion