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Help Stop School Shootings

Since the horrible tragedy in Uvalde, we know parents and children all over Texas are sad, scared, and shocked.

We know that gun violence has become the number one killer of children in the USA since 2020.

We know there are many causes for this.  

We at ABC Pediatrics are here to support our families and children in any way we can.
Please contact us if your child is more withdrawn or sad and we can help connect them with counselors.

Those of you that want to contact your state leaders- please ask them to support more funding for mental health treatment, school safety and banning assault rifles and high-capacity magazines.
In the states where this was done, mass shootings have dropped by one third.  
We are not supporting restrictions for law abiding citizens to own rifles and handguns.  

Let’s all work together to protect our precious children.

ABC Pediatrics will always be advocates for the health of all children.


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