COVID-19 Updates

Please visit here for some general guidance when dealing with COVID-19. 

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Recommendations for COVID: Testing, Treatment, Isolation, and Quarantine.

If your child has been exposed to the coronavirus or is having symptoms consistent with a COVID-19 infection, we do have the capability to test with the 15 minute rapid test or send out PCR test.


We are trying to reserve testing supplies for patients who are symptomatic with a possible exposure.

Please visit here to order free tests for your household.

Submit positive at-home COVID-19 test results to the City of Corpus Christi.

We currently cannot accommodate asymptomatic patients for clearance purposes. 

Care Recommendations

If your child tests positive or is presumed positive, but has MILD symptoms, they do NOT need to be seen in the office.

The following are some supportive care recommendations:

  • Provide supportive care with Tylenol and Motrin (if >6 months old)
    per dosing guidelines on our website
  • Ensure good hydration by encouraging fluids in any form your child
    will tolerate. Monitor for urine output
  • Continue symptomatic care for congestion and cough with saline
    and nasal suctioning, honey for children >1 yo, cool mist humidifier
  • Do not use OTC cough & cold medications for children <6 yo as the
    side effects outweigh any potential benefit and they are not
    recommended. You may consider using natural OTC meds such as
    zarbees or mommy’s bliss.


Currently there are no authorized treatments for children under 12 yo or less than 40 kg

For confirmed covid positive patients, there is a new antiviral medication called Paxlovid that can be prescribed for those pediatric patients >12 yo and weighing greater than 40kg at high risk for severe disease or hospitalization. The risks and benefits of this medication can be discussed with your child’s doctor.

See Fact Sheet for Paxlovid antiviral.

Call our office

If your child has a fever that does not respond to medications, has persistent fever for >5 days, has fever in the
setting of a sore throat or ear pain, has a barking cough, wheezing, or increased work of breathing, or decreased urine output. 


Positive cases must stay home (isolate) for a minimum of 5 days, and then can only go out if fully masked for another 5 days. If your child is too young to wear a mask or does not mask reliably, please stay home for 10 days.   


In the event of an exposure, length of quarantine will vary based on vaccination status and age of child/ability to mask. For those fully vaccinated, it may be as short as 5 days from last exposure, but for younger children or those who cannot reliably mask all the time, it is still 10 days from last exposure. An ongoing exposure in the house means an ongoing quarantine as well.  

Please see updated CDC guidance regarding quarantine and isolation.

Need help calculating days of isolation or quarantine? Check here.