COVID-19 Updates

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What is Telemedicine and Should I Use it? 

Telemedicine is the practice of medicine that uses telecommunications to deliver care to a patient at a distant site. Most medical visits occur as face to face interactions and we agree as clinicians that an in-office exam is an extremely important aspect of medicine, thus why we continue to encourage in-house appointments. We strive to offer you a variety in our availability for your child’s healthcare needs. As the parent of a pediatric patient, it is definitely convenient for you to stay in the comfort of your home, but still receive quality care and medical advice from your child’s pediatrician.

During these times of a pandemic, being able to offer telemedicine to our patients has allowed us to protect patients and their families from possible unnecessary exposures to COVID-19. Many insurance carriers offer their own telemedicine service which can also be convenient during this time; however, it is not with your child’s pediatrician who knows your child well and can provide continuity of care.  We have access to your child’s medical records and can make a well informed decision about the concerns you have with your child. Your child’s doctor may deem a telemedicine visit appropriate for various visits.

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