What Parents Should Know About Pediatric Care During the COVID-19 Pandemic

It is our duty as pediatricians to protect and provide preventative medicine for our patients. We provide vaccines to protect your child against illnesses that could cause severe disease or worse, death. Fortunately, most us of have not lived in a time without vaccines and have seen the protection vaccines provide for our young.  We see your child often during their first 2 years of life to ensure that they are developing well and identify ways we can help your child if they are not. As they get older, we see your child once a year to continue to ensure their healthy development into young adults. 

We know that things are scary and uncertain during this time of a pandemic.  We are doing everything we can to continue to protect our patients, their families, and our staff from contracting the virus. As of now, we know that the majority of kids suffer little if infected with COVID-19 and there are rare cases in which some children have succumbed to bad outcomes, but of course we are learning and discovering more about the virus as time goes on. We are constantly reviewing the medical literature to determine the best guidance for our patients. 

We want you to know that we are still here for your children during this time as it continues to be our duty to protect your child’s health and well-being; that will never change. We continue to provide preventative medicine to help keep kids well and identify major illnesses before it is too late.   We are honored that you have placed your trust in us and we stand ready and available to continue our roles as your child’s pediatrician. We are seeing well child visits especially those requiring vaccines, we offer telemedicine with your child’s physician, in office sick visits, and continue our sick day clinics on the weekend. We continue to offer you the availability of an on call physician after hours for your urgent needs. As we learn more during this pandemic, we have and will continue to adapt to offer the best care for our patients.

Thank you for your continued trust in us as your child’s pediatrician.